Shaukat Ali


Shaukat Ali also known as Shaukat Ali Khan is a folk singer from Pakistan.

Born into a family of artists in Malakwal, Punjab, Pakistan,Shaukat Ali began singing while at college in the 1960s, receiving help from his elder brother Inayat Ali Khan.He was introduced into the Pakistani film world as a playback singer by the renowned film music director M Ashraf in Punjabi film Tees Maar Khan (1963). Since 1970, he has performed ghazals and Punjabi folk songs.Shaukat Ali received Voice of Punjab award in 1976.In June 2013,Shaukat Ali was honored with Pride of Punjab award by the Pakistan Institute of Language,Art and Culture (PILAC). He gave a live performance at the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi, and has been awarded the highest Pakistani civilian Presidential award Pride of Performance in 1990. His song “Kadi Te Hass Bol Vey” was used in the 2009 Indian movie Love Aaj Kal. He also has released a track titled “Jagga”. He is the father of Pakistani singer Imran Shaukat Ali.

His Super-hit Songs

  • “Saif-ul-Malook–Awwal Hamd Sana-e-Elahi” Sung by Shaukat Ali,lyrics by Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, music by Wajahat Attre, film Chan Varyam (1981)
  • “Sathio Mujahido,Jaag Uthha Hai Sara Watan” Sung by Shaukat Ali, Masood Rana,lyrics by Himayat Ali Shaair,music by Khalil Ahmed, film Mujahid (1965)
  • ” Mein Puttar Pakistan Da” Sung by Shaukat Ali, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Naheed Akhtar,lyrics by Hazin Qadri and music by Wajahat Attre, film Athra Puttar (1981)
  • “Nabi Dey Asseen Ghulam” Sung by Shaukat Ali,lyrics by Sahil Siddiqi, music by Salim Iqbal, film Behram Daku (1980)
  • “Ae Tay Waila Aap Dassay Ga,Kaun Maarda Ae Maidan Pei Nay Hullay” Sung by Alam Lohar, Shaukat Ali,lyrics by Nasim Fazal and music by Master Inayat Hussain, film Maula Jat (1979)
  • “Mein Walait Kahnu Aa Gaya” Sung by Shaukat Ali, lyrics by Taslim Fazli, music by MAshraf, film Playboy (1978)
  • “Lal Meri Patt Rakhio Bala,Jhoolay Lalan Dey” Sung by Noor Jehan,Shaukat Ali, Masood Rana, Ahmed Rushdi, Ghulam Ali,Pervez Mehdi, a traditional folk song, music by Nashad, film Parchhaen (1974)
  • “Saaday Yaar Nay Banh Laiy Sehray” Sung by Shaukat Ali, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, lyrics by Khawaja Pervez, music by Ustad Tafu, film Charhda Suraj (1982)

Shaukat Ali’s folk song hits include “Kyun Door Door Reindey Au”, “Kaddi Te Hass Bol Vey”, “Jab Bahaar Aaii Tau Sehra Ki Taraf Chal Para”, many Punjabi folk songs including “Chhalla”, “Jagga”, “Kanwan, Maan Jannat Da Parchaavan” and Sufi poems “Saif ul Maluk & Heer Waris Shah” which are beautifully recited by Shaukat Ali on CD’s, are widely available in the public worldwide.

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